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by Crimson Blue

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Knock on this surface enough times Could avoid my hypothetical mind Wood below fists smother the what ifs Didn’t like normal but don’t like this Even water is feeling stiff Does anyone ever feel like Leave it to Beaver? American fever til the world feels the cleaver Ran so fast it obscured the stars Tears are just water without the salt Been a thousand years since the last chatterless second And even then it was only a second Every moment is equally useless and precious
Does whistling outside Cheapen the glide? The sky never quite complies But sometimes it’s inclined Never have the binoculars when the eagle is flying If you look away perhaps nothing will notice Standing invisible in front of the circus Stillness a cloak within Upper lip sealed and huddled with its kin against the wind Nearly dusted off and right out of the socks Heard the sounds behind the talk Back from a pleasant walk
Gut Limiter 01:22
Telling as it is and seems to be Please don’t tell it like it is I like probably… maybe that’s what we see Not quite uncertainty (Quite certainly) But humble eyes can disguise how loose the ties are below the cloudy sky Fell upon the dusty knees below the sheen Is that a screen? A window for air to dream Be well, be well, stay safe, how you doin? Can smell the hairs on my face growing Feeling feet in inches Counting the finches (are there many or just one?) Telethons and jolts of fun
Wizzled 02:05
Alright…what is that you say? Oh I thought you’d remember. Okay… So it’s always up to story props to make noise sound A resounding how about how Will it placate a moment before now? Or just be that kinda dandelion pal Safely below the mower’s growl Morning always rings and rips Soul in a cereal bowl Foot on the floor a chore Dozes and cuddles The beauty of what’s subtle When the words skipped right over the page Hitched a ride on a snake Wizzled wistfully into the spare inches of the day The crumbs that no critters ate Didn’t bother too much haste…
Eeeeee! 01:49
Don’t you understand it? Can you stand and un-stand it? Don’t you understand it? Mirage in the landing Hey you gotta hand it Mouse in the appendix Can’t hear, it’s independent Lost a few hours away Doughnuts still taste pretty good without glaze Couple of delicious layers A distinct mosaic A pain but not in the ass Just a bit too crass Just tryna laugh and relax But generally licking the pavement But generally a critter in a basement Granted the time and the place Granted eternity Granted the mismatched trees Granted a blistering breeze Private jokes between the bees Wait When it’s dark outside Dollars appreciate Granted the time and the place Granted eternity Granted the mismatched trees Granted the blistering breeze Private jokes between the bees
Pink Light 01:28
Right before it’s dark Pain from a morning jumpstart Tears have fallen out Before overjoy and I shout out: Pink light with all its insight With all its might Which isn’t much in the scope of exertion But the perfect amount of spice on that slice for the price Tasteful and subdued Gone in between the snooze Chemicals are plenty In between us they vary There’s always some type of tea in the pantry Except when there isn’t But I digress it defeats the purpose of that utterance Only really dogs run to us
Gut Soul 01:43
Is it time to really leave? First triple check you have your keys Jamming pockets with TP In case I sneeze How often do I really feel the season? When it sleeps, wakes up, and idles in the park The combination of decibels that comprise the world’s decimals Have you seen the first mosquito? It smirks before it knows It waits and collectively ignores Sitting still while a bear swims this way It all looks like floating from far away Rocks can be imprecisely comfortable Searching for that natural groove The woods were once a novelty Around but quite laughably Shopping carts and crushed cans scattered immeasurably So much of culture and life Revolved around somewhere else You could see it from rare lookouts
Hardly skimming the fat off my whole milk living Could’ve sworn I’m torn Something to learn Earlobes in wax I’m swimming And singing and singing… Always stuck on the same four words Habits and interests closely align Separation’s pulling cork off the wine Sure, something’s inside Better drink up before it reverts back into vines Bouncing inside a jello-filled gorge Plenty of space to the end to eat the way towards Protected from the rain even when it pours A swarm of vultures, lions, sharks, and cobras But they too are safely encased Moving at the same astronomically slow pace But sometimes air squeezes through the tight knit pores of the goo Who woulda had a clue
What is it in there that you are pecking at? More gray than red so that every pigment is the breeze There’s more seed down the street Yet at 5 you dive behind the lines of every known paradigm Virus outside but the sky still has eyes that cry and dry Tried to be the one who believes Grateful eternally Swarms of glee and mystery Alternate between the trees yet… Windshields and plastic mobiles are where one decides to land Attempts to stand Attempts are grand You really can Attempts are grand
Time to find the whole way out Will the stars live or pout? What is Mars turning all red about? Cold feet and warm ankles Sultry gusts of wind narrowly blaze bones Soft frills collecting dust while standing still Metadata from every platform drilled Even phantoms have fun
Otter Island 01:34
Body blows in the wind like a flag in the face Wait Put it between the orange and the gray Become a little hippo on the way Otter Island holiday Otter Island holiday The motorboats took a break Thought you were a dolphin or a shark On the way home before murk becomes dark Can see the sugar cubes and fanciful cake stylings But I’ll keep my distance from that old Otter Island Rarely bother to look at the moon There’s even a sky over a tomb Twiddle the thumbs and then glance at June Saw you wiggle your snout on Otter Island Saw the land beyond the pout on Otter Island Saw what I always see, a lazy mystery on ol’ Otter Island Never really did see the otters on ol’ Otter Island Never really did see the ol’ otters on ol’ Otter Island
Gut Spiller 02:20
Have you lost a chance to have something to say? Have you ever been buried in a ditch of complacency? Has everyday camaraderie weakened the blaze? Is anything or everything irreversible? Something unimaginable can happen in a matter of days Yet it all feels the same Catapulted to the year 2025 Perhaps still alive Will the same series of thoughts and jots swarm the mind? Do gears move so slowly they still feel fixed? Reality is a wintry mix The stain in between the stove and the ceiling A late afternoon nap that takes you to the brink and back A mirror Still works even when it’s cracked A mirror smacks you in the back Cut some slack Every day’s a daze that clarity forgave
Distaste 02:23
Wait so long For that crisp moon air Rain encases the gassy glare Moves fumes to the core from upstairs Gutted of that icy flare No more wear just the tear Wait til dawn Everywhere we carry on Grass grows and some mow the lawn You aren’t what you eat but rather where your feet hit the street And the culminations and bounces we call history That breeze and the co2 filtered by the trees Every treat and grievance Every kiss and stab All those who never have or had Feel distaste As even thoughts of being blown away Become shallow in waste Feel distaste


"Otter Island" music vid: www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1mj8O5pHxU

Music by Crimmy
Mixed by Skyler Lloyd and Crimmy
Mastered by Skyler Lloyd
Album Art by Max Goldstein
Released by Sad Cactus Records

Big thanks to all the wonderful peeps in my life. Triple big thanks to Skyler for all of your help on this album—this wouldn't have been as fun and complete without ya!


released May 20, 2022


all rights reserved



Crimson Blue Hadley, Massachusetts

Musical banter

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